Surroundings of Gdynia

Gdynia is the most dynamic of the three metropolitan cities. Thanks to its exceptional geopolitical location, Gdynia is a center of international meetings and commercial exchange. During the last dozen or so years Gdynia has also become the capital of jazz and Polish cinema. The city is attracting more and more visitors yearning for peace but also interested in the thriving nightlife of the Tri-City.

The setting of Gdynia, half-way overland between Gdańsk and Sopot and Hel and Jastarnia, as well as the fact that it is here that all the sea connections with the Hel Peninsula depart makes this city an ideal venue for sailing and business and adventure tourism.

Pomerania is abundant in extraordinary places – it is a region with diverse attractions, offering a mosaic of climates typical of the sea, lake region and even mountains – as pursuant to the EU regulations Kashubia is a mountain region. It already has its own ski lifts in Wieżyca and Sopot.

You can take advantage of water attractions such as motorboat cruises, sailing on comfortable yachts, special catamaran cruises to the duty free zone, fishing trips, or special trips for scuba divers combined with exploration of over 800 shipwrecks lying on the bed of Gdańsk Bay.Nadmorski Boulevard is the ideal place for active recreation.

For those who want to taste a bit of culture, we may arrange entrances to theatre or musical productions and concerts. We also recommend trips to museums and places of interest connected with the history of Gdynia and the Pomerania Region. You may want to know that Gdynia's Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium is the third most frequently visited museum in Poland.