Recommended at leisure

Water Park

The water park in Sopot is one of the biggest attractions of the Tri-City. It is a great way to spend free time both for children and adults. The water park boasts not only swimming pools, slides and jacuzzi, but also Tri-City’s largest sauna complex, a massage parlor and a restaurant. It also has a state-of-the-art bowling club with a bar.

Sopot / Zamkowa Góra 3-5
tel.: + 48 58 555 85 23 / tel. kom. +48 508 263 439 / bok@aquaparksopot.pl

U7 Centre - Bowling

Unforgettable emotions and great fun are guaranteed. The U7 Centre consists of two clubs where everything has been made especially for you.
Have a game of bowling or billiards and get a taste of competition.

Centrum U7 offers:
  • 9 bowling lanes in U7 Gdynia
  • 4 pool tables in U7 Gdynia
Centrum U7 Gdynia / Świętojańska 133
 +48 58 66 22 777 / gdynia@u7.pl

Kolibki Adventure Park Gdynia

An extraordinary place for outstanding people. Created by thrill seekers who love outdoor leisure and sports and who are not afraid of new challenges and adventures. Countless attractions await you on the former motocross track located in a beautiful forest, where you can enjoy a view of the Bay of Gdańsk. Everyone can find something interesting here. The Kolibki Adventure Park is open daily between 9 am and 5 pm.

Gdynia / Bernadowska 1
+48 58 350 50 99 / mob: +48 600 263 500 / biuro@adventurepark.pl


Jumpcity, a place with over 140 springboards, will make your dreams about flying come true. The hall is divided into six different springboard zones. This is a heaven for people looking for adventure, and healthy movement. This is an ideal place for the whole family!

Gdynia / Tadeusza Wendy 7/9
+48 58 380 07 70 / rezerwacja@jumpcity.pl


Feel the rush of adrenaline in the Zoltar arena: the best electronic paintball system. Additional attractions: challenge room, laser, game consoles

Gdynia / Jana z Kolna 36
+48 58 782 17 98 / strefazoltar@gmail.com

VR Studio Gdynia

Using the greatest achievements of technique, stand in the middle of the action, take on the form of a climber, a cosmonaut, a diver, a ninja warrior and overcome all difficulties. Cross the threshold of virtual reality in Gdynia. VR Studio is a place where you can immerse yourself in a safe virtual adventure with a real range of emotions. In the salon, MULTIPLAYER games are available that allow playing a few people in one world. VR Studio is a place of entertainment for everyone, regardless of age.

Gdynia / Morska 171 b (2 floor)
+48 531 394 532 / kontakt@vrstudio-gdynia.pl

MoST Modular Shooting Range

Is an entirely closed facility, designed for all kinds of shooting practice and training forms performed within fixed and moving firing lines. They enable practicing and training in a chosen place all year long, regardless of the weather conditions. The highest quality of the indoor air, with its unique purity in such kinds of buildings. The concentration of noxious contaminations, among them the compounds of lead, are close to the limit of detection. The shooting range has a collection of firearms including pistols, rifles and shotguns at your disposal.

Gdynia / Chwaszczyńska 194
+48 58 629 79 60 / +48 539 771 451 / biuro@gdyniastrzelnica.pl

Golf Park Gdynia

The golf park in Gdynia is Poland’s first golf course available to everyone. It is a bit of nature in the very heart of the city. The offer includes numerous attractions for people of different ages. It is a great place to spend time outdoors with friends and family. If you have never tried golf, you can practice shots on a 200 m driving range or a golf simulator. There are also instructors available on-site to help you improve your skills.

Gdynia / Spółdzielcza 1
+48  602 652 130 /  info@golfparkcity.pl

Trolling Boat

This is an all-year-round offer aimed at enthusiasts who like to spend leisure time surrounded by nature and photography amateurs and anglers who seek unforgettable shots and adventure while experiencing a catch on the sea. On a trip with professional guide (an ornithologist and ichthyologist) you will learn about the Gdańsk Bay ecosystem and see many beautiful places accessible only from water. The offer includes:

  • The bird cruise is a few hours trip on the Gdańsk Bay during which we watch and photograph wild birds. The trip allows us to observe species previously unseen during walks on the beach.
  • The seal cruise is a few hours’ trip around the Gdańsk Bay during which we watch and photograph grey seals in their natural environment.
  • A fishing trip for salmon or cod, seasonal offer, an exciting sea voyage. Fishing method – trolling.

We would also like to invite you to try out motor yacht charter.

+48 510 062 248 / biuro@trollingboat.pl

Aquarium in Gdynia

The aquarium in Gdynia is Poland’s largest water zoo with almost 200 fish, reptile and amphibian species. It is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Gdynia so it can be easily combined with a walk around the Kościuszko Square. Its attractions include museum exhibits, aquariums with exotic animals and much more: numerous lectures, workshops, and multimedia presentations both for children and adults. It must be noted that the aquarium in Gdynia is home to the only octopus in Poland.

Adres: al. Jana Pawła II 1, Gdynia
+48 58 732 66 01 / akwarium@mir.gdynia.pl

Danuta Baduszkowa Music Theatre in Gdynia

The modern Musical Theatre consists of three stages: Large Stage with 1070 seats, New Stage with 360 seats and Chamber Stage with 147 seats. The Musical Theatre in Gdynia has become the largest musical theatre in Poland. It offers concerts, galas and theatre performances based on its technical potential, the most advanced sound, lighting and audio-visual systems.

Gdynia / Plac Grunwaldzki 1
+48 58 661 60 00 / www.muzyczny.org

W. Gombrowicz City Theatre in Gdynia

Theater Witold Gombrowicz is a vividly artistic place, with a rich repertoire offer, directed to viewers seeking both intellectual and aesthetic incentives in the theater, as well as a moment of breathing from tiring reality.

Gdynia / Bema 26
+48 58 660 59 46 / www.teatrgombrowicza.art.pl


and Summer Stage of City Theater
The Summer Stage of City Theater - W. Gombrowicza in Gdynia inaugurated its activity in 1996, on the beach near the pier in Orłowo. This is the only theatre stage in Poland, where spectators watch plays n the open air, on sand, with the accompaniment of sea waves. On the Summer Stage one can also watch cabarets, song recitals and other plain-air events.Gdynia / plaża w Orłowie

 Gdynia / Beach in Orłowo / +48 507 714 599

The Coast Theatre in Gdańsk

Teatr Wybrzeże is one of the best known and valued theatre locations in Poland. Plays under its brand can be watched on three stages, which operate all year round: Scena Duża (Large Stage) at Targ Węglowy (Coal Market) in Gdańsk, Malarnia (Paint Shop), located in the same building, at ul. Teatralna 2, and on the boards of the Scena Kameralna (Chamber Stage) in Sopot, at ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino.

Gdańsk / Św. Ducha 2
+48 58 301 70 21 / www.teatrwybrzeze.pl

National Baltic Opera in Gdańsk

The first Gdańsk opera performance took place on 5th February, 1646. Today, hosts quality spectacles and concerts in the Tri-City of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot.

Gdańsk / Zwycięstwa 15