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In the beach, on the ship or yacht, on the observation deck of the Sea Towers, on the forest clearing, in the theatre or museum, at home or in the garden, in the special tent or under the starry sky: we have had a chance to provide our guests with catering at all these places. Dishes prepared and supplied by us complemented the character and meaning of the meeting.

We appreciate our customers’ ideas. Based on the idea or needs, our customers engage us to arrange catering services at interesting and sophisticated places. Sometimes, the place needs a special decor, which we suggest after some reconnaissance. A catering menu depends on your preferences, as well as the character of an event, season of the year or location.

We offer both: traditional Polish and grilled dishes, as well as always fashionable French, Oriental and Italian cuisine. We will meet both your culinary and aesthetic expectations. We will organise and hold your event in a professional manner.

We approach each project individually and with full commitment. Thanks to our experience, we have been providing professional catering services both in the Hotel and in Tricity and its surroundings for years.

Please, contact our experienced Catering Service Sales Managers, who will offer you professional advice and long-lasting experience in catering to organise even the most demanding event.

Contact: +48 58 667 51 55 / +48 58 667 51 58 /