Specialist Programmes - 7 days

What can you accomplish in 7 days?

Some say: “create the Earth”. We say you can create yourself anew – and definitely start a positive change and feel positive difference.

Do you want your body to regain internal balance?
Do you dream about beautiful shape without excess weight?
Do you wish to recover your healthy look and see your skin radiant again?
Or perhaps you would like to beat your own fitness or endurance record, but you are only beginning?
Or maybe you would like to be fitter, get your strength back and increase your stamina?

7 days is just enough time to get you on a fast track to success in comfortable conditions of the Hotel Nadmorski, beautifully located by the beach.
7 days are sufficient for experienced Genesis Institute team – dieticians, physiotherapists, personal trainers and cosmetologists to take care of your body and skin, fitness and stamina, your health and holistic balance and to provide you with knowledge and skills to enable achieving your goals even when you get back home.

We prepared four unique Programmes for you - choose and feel the positive difference:

7 DAYS FOR BALANCE  (read more)
7 DAYS FOR BODY (read more)
7 DAYS FOR BEAUTY (read more)
7 DAYS FOR RECORD (read more)

Experienced specialists will lead you along each Programme to:

  • diagnose your needs and abilities to determine your individual goals together;
  • perform appropriate treatments and cosmetic rituals based on unique, 100% natural Baltic Collagen;
  • develop the best diet for you which will be the basis of your meals at the hotel restaurant;
  • determine your physical activity plan and carry out individual trainings to ensure physical regeneration thanks to precisely selected physiotherapy treatments.

You can attend the programme individually or paired with another person. We also provide an option for a joint stay at the hotel but individual participation in the Programme. You can also choose from the following meal options: dedicated diet menu or dinner a la carte menu served at the hotel restaurant.

If you are interested in a joint stay but would like to use two different Programmes, we will prepare an offer to include your individual preferences.

Come and visit us for 7 days especially for you – feel the positive difference!